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Jodi Hamann – Beginner Class Instructor

jodi Jodi has been fencing with Les Amis for more than five years. He competes in both foil and epee at the local, regional, and national level. As beginner instructor, Jodi focuses on imparting solid fundamentals which students can use to pursue either recreational or competitive fencing. With a focus on small class size, Jodi hopes to show all of his students what a fun, challenging, and safe sport fencing can be, and in 8 short weeks students will go from learning how to hold a foil and move on the fencing strip to having their very first bouts with class mates.


Christine Gallisdorfer – Intermediate Class Instructorchrisine

Christine began fencing over five years ago with Les Amis Fencing Club. Throughout this time, she helped to develop and encourage competitive fencing within the club while at the same time recognizing and supporting the club’s recreational fencing origins. When she became the intermediate class instructor, Christine restructured the class and focused on giving fencers the skills necessary to pursue competitive fencing if they choose. Her experience as a teacher outside of fencing has provided her with various teaching methods to help students reach their highest level of fencing.


Kai Ito – Sabre Coachkai
Kai has been fencing since 2005, and with those many years, he brings with him a great deal of experience. Having taken up fencing in the New England division, Kai has fenced with numeroues clubs along the East Coast. Most notably, he has fenced at the Rochester Fencing Club with the Zimmermann sisters, and has been coached by David Taylor and Christine Griffith. Since coming to Les Amis Fencing Club, Kai has become a competitive fencer at all levels, and has earned ratings in all three weapons. Kai enjoys sabre the most, and brings with him a strong knowledge of technique, and a willingness to help any and all fencers.

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  1. Hi Guys! I’m home from Abu Dhabi and would love to come to some open fencing to continue to train while here… What nights/times is it happening this summer?

  2. I’m interested in your beginner fencing classes. If you could let me know when the next series begins I would greatly appreciate it.


  3. Hi Gina, sorry about the late reply, our comments can be blocked by spam filters. We will be starting a new beginners class in early September. It will be listed here on this site and on our Facebook page.

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