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By on April 20, 2012

New Classes Begin September 7th. Click Here For More Info

Our Program



Beginner Class

If you just found our website and missed the first class and are still interested in attending, please contact an instructor or club officer. In many cases, we will be able to accommodate you.

PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME FOR YOUR FIRST SESSION. You will need to fill out paperwork, get situated, and the first evening is always a bit confusing for everyone. Allow yourself plenty of time!

To register, send an email to information@lesamisfencing.com, or simply show up.

Make sure to wear athletic clothes and sneakers, and to bring a bottle of water

Students are not encouraged to purchase their own equipment until they have completed the beginner’s class. However, we do urge you to acquire your own foil, mask, etc., as soon as you enter the intermediate class.

Intermediate Class

The intermediate class is 8 weeks long and picks up at the conclusion of each beginner class. Time permitting, the class may also run on an “as needed” basis for those who need a refresher. This class may also be appropriate for someone with previous instruction or experience who has become a “little rusty.”

Here, the skills learned at the beginner level will be further refined and expanded. There will be more of a focus on attacks, bout strategies and techniques. Students will spend more time fencing the instructor and each other. Emphasis will also be placed on learning to judge a bout.


Advanced Class

Fencers who have completed the intermediate class are able to continue developing without having to jump right into open fencing. We run our advanced class as a collaborative group lesson on Wednesdays from 7-7:30, followed by open fencing. The session is taught on a rotating basis by the various volunteer instructors at Les Amis.

Open Fencing

The mentioned dues and fees will entitle the fencer to unlimited use of the club for fencing or instruction any time the club is open.

Note: There will be no fencing (bouting) or instruction given unless an officer or authorized instructor of Les Amis Fencing Club is present. The president of Les Amis Fencing Club and the head instructor are the only people authorized to determine who else is qualified to teach.

Les Amis has a large and growing number of athletes who compete both locally as well as all over the country. Tournaments offer a great opportunity for fencers to practice against different skill levels and techniques, and the lessons learned at these competitions are brought back and make the club stronger as a whole. Anyone interested in competing, at any level of tournament(i.e. novice tournaments, national level etc.) should attend as much open fencing as possible and talk to one of our competitive athletes about going to the next local tournament.

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